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Love with every stranger, the stranger the better [Sunday, May 12th 2030]

And so I fall in love just a little ol' little bit, every day with someone new )

[Tuesday, March 2nd 2021]
[Will Scarlet]
Okay, we should talk. I'm still hurting, but I want to talk to you about it.

Text to Will (sent Sunday afternoon) [Tuesday, February 9th 2021]
Today 3:24 PM
I've found somewhere else to stay for a few days while I think things through. I won't be back at the apartment until then.

Filtered to Much [Friday, January 22nd 2021]
[posted Tuesday, after his conversation with Melpomene]

So... you're the closest person to Marcie.

I know that she was the one who killed Apollo and that he cursed her. How did all this happen?? I can't get any details out of Melpomene.
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[Saturday, January 9th 2021]
[ mood | exhausted ]

“Many people seem to think it foolish, even superstitious, to believe that the world could still change for the better. And it is true that in winter it is sometimes so bitingly cold that one is tempted to say, ‘What do I care if there is a summer; its warmth is no help to me now.’ Yes, evil often seems to surpass good. But then, in spite of us, and without our permission, there comes at last an end to the bitter frosts. One morning the wind turns, and there is a thaw. And so I must still have hope.”
— Vincent van Gogh

I'm trying so hard to believe in the thaw, but winter has settled in my joints.
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EMAIL [Monday, December 28th 2020]

from: Alan Clare <alan.a.clare@gmail.com>
to: John <***@gmail.com>;
      Leila <*********@gmail.com>;
      Marian <*******@gmail.com>;
      Much <**********@gmail.com>;
      Robin <*******@gmail.com>;
      Tuck <*********@gmail.com>;
      Will Scarlet <********@gmail.com>;
      Will Stutely <*******@gmail.com>

date: December 27, 2020, 5:27 PM
subject: As Merry as this Christmas can make itself.

This year Christmas presents didn't really happen, so I can only give you the gift of song. Sorry, lads, you can't return it for dosh.

- Alan

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[Tuesday, December 22nd 2020]
If that note is genuine and you haven't actually been taken, you are in so goddamn Much trouble! You selfish, thoughtless little shit, I am fucking losing it over here! You take off when we're blood asleep for mysterious emergancy reasons and don't wake us?? Fuck you, Much! Fuck you!

Filtered to Melpomene [Wednesday, October 7th 2020]
[ mood | enthralled ]

I am not jealous
of what came before me.

Come with a man
on your shoulders,
come with a hundred men in your hair,
come with a thousand men between your breasts and your feet,
come like a river
full of drowned men
which flows down to the wild sea,
to the eternal surf, to time!

Bring them all
to where I am waiting for you;
we shall always be alone,
we shall always be you and I
alone on earth,
to start our life


Text to Will Scarlet [Friday, September 4th 2020]
Friday 11.52 PM
Do you know that your Luna isn't living with Hermes and Peitho anymore?
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[Tuesday, August 25th 2020]
[After going back and forth on whether it was a good idea or not, or whether it would send the wrong message, Alan finally contacts his florist and arranges to have a bunch sent to Iestyn's hospital room. The (very carefully considered) note attached reads as follows...]


I understand why you didn't tell me, and I'm so sorry for all that's happened.

"Listen to me, your body is not a temple. Temples can be destroyed and desecrated. Your body is a forest — thick canopies of maple trees and sweet scented wildflowers sprouting in the underwood. You will grow back, over and over, no matter how badly you are devastated." —Beau Taplin

Your friend,

[Monday, August 17th 2020]
[ mood | annoyed ]

A note on shared living arrangements:

Blow jobs in the middle of the kitchen are not acceptable behaviour when you live with friends. Some people might just want a bloody cup of tea, and so some other people should remember their have their own bedrooms.

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[Sunday, June 28th 2020]
There are words I keep thinking on today They were written by the poetess Izumi Shikibu in 976, but I will boldly borrow them for you.

“Even if I now saw you
only once,
I would long for you
through worlds,

[Thursday, June 25th 2020]
I've gathered together the old musicians I used to jam with the last time I lived in NYC, and you'll find us playing at McSorley's on Friday night at 8pm. Come down and see us. It's mostly covers, because that's what people in bars like.

Two questions I have for you, beautiful.

1. How do you feel about nudes?

2. There's a Greek god party happening on Saturday night if you'd be interested in going along with me? If not, you and me should stay in together that night instead. All the Merry Men are going, I believe, so we'd have the apartment to ourselves.
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[Thursday, June 18th 2020]
Text to Iestyn )

[Wednesday, May 13th 2020]
Charleston doesn't have as much going on as New York always did, so I had to learn to make my own entertainment. For example, I now play a Level 7 Half-Elf Bard in Dungeons and Dragons. And you can go ahead and roast me all you like, me boys, but when I cast a spell you better believe they have to listen to an entire song verse about it.

But now I'm back in the biggest damn apple this country's laid claim to and ready to mingle once more with all you Level 1 bebes. (Quiet 1s, a 7 is speaking.)

Where does a bloke go for a good time around here? Sure it's only been a year, but a year in New York time may as well be a decade.
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